Metrological certification of measuring instruments according to RK ST. 2.30-2007

Measuring instruments, imported or manufactured in the republic’s territory in single copies and used in the implementation of the state metrological supervision should be metrological certified. (There are shouldn’t be more than three of measuring instruments for one applicant during the year) Including:

-measuring channels, included into the system of automated control, management and other systems (complexes);

-standards manufactured and delivered to the republic in single copies;

-single copies of the serial released measuring instruments, used in the conditions and modes that are different from conditions and modes for which their metrological and technical characteristics are normalized, or there are some changes amended in their structure, affecting these characteristics.

-single copies of the serial released measuring instruments which have individual metrological characteristics.

Measuring instruments are represented by the state governments, individuals and legal entities – manufacturers, clients, measuring instruments suppliers (hereinafter - the applicants) on the metrological certification.

Metrological certification of measuring instruments in accordance with [1] is carried out by State scientific metrological center(hereinafter – SSMC).

Metrological certification of measuring instruments consists of the following steps:

-a review of the technical documents represented for metrological attestation

-experimental studies of measuring instruments;

-sampling of measuring instruments’ technique of verification

-formalization of the results of measuring instruments’ metrological certification

The experimental data can be carried out in several steps as the need arose

The metrological certification of measuring instruments can be carried out on other legal entities’ basis with a help of their experts as the need arose.

Metrological certification’s results recognition should be held in accordance with the present international agreements (contracts) which participant the Republic of Kazakhstan is, and developed by normative documents.  The decision of metrological certification’s results recognition is made by the authorized body for technical regulation and metrology (hereinafter - authorized body).


Recognition of the results of metrological certification of measuring instruments, manufactured in the CIS countries is held in accordance with following normative documents:

  • RK ST. 2.1-2000 State system of traceability insuring. Terms and definitions;
  • RK ST. 2.63-2003 State system of traceability insuring

Methods of measuring instruments verification.  A procedure of development, metrological certification, registration and use.

Measuring instruments that passed metrological certification should be tested during the operation and after repair in accordance with the verification procedure specified in the measuring instruments’ metrological attestation certificate.

Measuring instruments’ metrological attestation work or its individual steps are performed on a contract basis.

According to positive results of the metrological certification, measuring instruments and methods of verification are recorded in the registry of State system of traceability insuring of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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